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Phthalates in the Home Discussed in New Online Video


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The IAQ Video Network releases another educational video about important environmental, health & safety (EH&S) issues.

Phoenix, AZ, December 1st, 2013 -- Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of another online video to help educate people about issues that may impact their health.  Their latest educational video discusses the growing concern over human exposure to a group of widely used chemicals known as phthalates.


Phthalates are used in hundreds of products to soften and increase the flexibility of plastics and vinyl.  Some phthalates are suspected to be endocrine disruptors and the health effects of exposure to low levels of phthalates are not yet fully known.  People can be exposed to low levels of phthalates through air, water or food.  Exposure to low levels of the chemicals may come from eating food packaged in plastic that contains phthalates or breathing dust in rooms with materials that contain phthalates.   


Children can be exposed to phthalates by chewing on soft vinyl toys or other products made with the chemicals,” reported Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane and Associates, the company behind the IAQ Video Network and the new public outreach video.     “Young children may also have a greater risk of being exposed to phthalate particles in dust because of their hand-to-mouth behaviors.  People at the highest risk of exposure to phthalates include dialysis patients, hemophiliacs or people who received blood transfusions from sources that use tubing or containers made with the chemicals. We hope this new video helps to shed some light on these widely used chemicals found in most homes.”


This educational video was sponsored by a number of organizations and leading industry professionals that help to protect the public’s health. Sponsors include: EMSL Analytical, LA Testing, Mold Solutions, Clark Seif Clark, MBM Insurance Resource Center, Zimmetry Environmental andHealthy Indoorsmagazine to name a few.


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