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Pickering extends mycotoxin line with GPC, sample prep columns and ELISA kits


Source: Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

Pickering Laboratories, Inc., has substantially broadened its mycotoxin analysis product line through an agreement to distribute in Canada, Mexico and the United States LCTech’s GPC (gel permeation chromatography) ULTRA automated sample clean-up and concentration instrument, OtaREAD and AflaREAD ELISA test kits, and OtaCLEAN and AflaCLEAN immunoaffinity sample preparation columns.

“The new GPC ULTRA clean-up with in-line concentration system delivers higher accuracy than existing GPCs because of its unique design. The 31 mycotoxins in oil application is a perfect example of the capabilities of this innovative GPC,” said Mike Gottschalk, marketing manager for Pickering Laboratories. “Our new ELISA test kits and immunoaffinity sample preparation columns offer significantly lower consumables costs than aflatoxin and ochratoxin analysis products. These new products, combined with our existing post-column derivatization and photochemical derivatization products, deliver a complete solution for mycotoxin detection and quantitation.”

The GPC ULTRA is designed for removing fats, proteins, and other large bio-molecules from samples to prevent interference in the analysis of mycotoxins, chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), antibiotics, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other semi-volatile compounds. The GPC ULTRA features a unique rotary evaporation chamber that combines a silicon oil bath and precise heat transfer with a laser- directed volume control for precision evaporation of solvents. It also includes an auto sampler, precision pumps and valve injection system, a sample loop and a matched GPC column. Vario PC software controls and monitors the instrument’s operation.

The GPC ULTRA evaporation chamber has a wide upper chamber and a narrow tube-shaped lower chamber. The wide upper chamber allows the solvent to spread around the walls to optimize heat transfer and maximize evaporation area while the narrow lower chamber enables laser level measurements to an unusually high accuracy of 0.01% after evaporation. The instrument’s bottom sealing septum technology cannot absorb sample from the needle during transfer, providing further accuracy improvements. The seals and the flow path in the GPC ULTRA are virtually closed, eliminating the need for a costly ventilation hood. As well as improving testing efficiency at a lower cost, these features make GPC Ultra 'greener' than existing systems. The enclosed system preserves more of each sample, uses less solvents and releases less pollution into the environment. (For additional detail, see http://www.pickeringlabs.com/catalog/sample_preparation_GPC_ULTRA.htm)

The AflaREAD ELISA kit quantitatively detects aflatoxin B1 based on an immunoaffinity binding and enzymatic color reaction at an unmatched 0.1 ppb detection limit. The OtaREAD ELISA kit detects ochratoxin A at a remarkably low sensitivity level of 5 ppb. Both ELISA kits consist of a shrink-wrapped, coated 96-well ELISA plate, standard solutions and all necessary substances, and are delivered ready to use. The new kits provide quick and easy screening of mycotoxins in nuts, rice, corn, spices, cocoa, coffee, peanut butter, beer, wine, licorice, animal feed and other products. They offer lower consumables costs, throughput of 88 samples in less than two hours, very high reproducibility and shelf life of at least 12 months.

AflaCLEAN and OtaCLEAN immunoaffinity sample preparation columns remove challenging matrices such as coffee, spices, corn, chili, peanut butter, figs, cinnamon and rice to provide a comprehensive clean-up of the aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 and ochratoxin A prior to high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The AflaCLEAN column provides a maximum loading capacity of 100 ng aflatoxin B1 and is available in a practical 3 mL polypropylene format. The OtaCLEAN column uses an antibody with very high ochratoxin A specificity, leading to exceptional chromatographic results and high recovery rates without interfering matrix effects. (For additional information, see http://www.pickeringlabs.com/catalog/sample_preparation_products.htm)

Michael Baumann, president of LCTech GmbH, said, 'We are proud to have Pickering Laboratories represent us in the Americas. They bring an expertise in environmental testing and customer service unmatched in the market.'

'LCTech and Pickering Laboratories share the same philosophy of building intelligently designed products and supporting the customer completely,” said Michael Pickering, president of Pickering Laboratories. “Our loyal customers will be well served with their products.”

About LCTech’s Mycotoxin Products
LCTech develops and manufactures products and instruments for mycotoxin sample preparation, processing and analysis. Optimized for efficiency, flexibility and performance, LCTech’s products offer better flexibility and performance than earlier entrants to the mycotoxin market for a wide range of protocols and throughput requirements.

Sample clean-up products include AflaCLEAN and OtaCLEAN immunoaffinity clean-up columns and the gel permeation chromatography instrument GPC ULTRA. Analysis products include the photochemical derivatization UVE system and AflaREAD and OtaREAD ELISA test kits.

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