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Introducing the Inflatable Flow Stop (IFS) Pipe Plugging System

The Petersen team has over 100 years’ experience designing and producing pipe plugs and flushers. Partnering with customers helps us continually advance our capabilities. We have positioned ourselves to be engineering problem solvers and delight in pushing boundaries on what is possible. A number of customers over the years voiced a need for an economical and user friendly solution to stop high flow in pressurized pipelines. We have invested in a strong engineering team and encouraged pushing our knowledge to new levels in researching and developing this new solution. Through trial and error, testing and customer inputs, the 129-8 Series Inflatable Flow Stop (IFS) system was brought to the market.

The Inflatable Flow Stop (IFS)TM Pipe Plugging System, provides an innovative solution to a challenging infrastructure problem: stopping a high flow in pressurized pipelines economically and safely. The Petersen Inflatable Flow Stop combines mechanical and inflatable advantages to stop flow in pipes of most sizes and pressures. This is a disruptive technology to an industry were the most widely known solution is a mechanical stop that can be many times the cost requiring very heavy installation equipment and a much larger tap hole. The IFS reduces time and cost with smaller lighter weight equipment that allows for faster deployment. The mechanical head holds the force of the flow pressure and the inflatable plug creates a complete seal in the pipeline – even in out of round pipe configurations. A minimal inflation pressure with water, air or other inert gas will expand the plug thus most of the pressure is applied to pipe ID for sealing. It is constructed with Heavyweight Ballistic Nylon reinforced Polyurethane for long term reuse. Materials such as Kevlar and Viton are also available for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.

Petersen has contributed value to the pipeline service industry, its people, and the environment for decades. Enabling contractors to safely and effectively repair pipelines – which often contain materials unfriendly to the environment – mitigates the potential for significant environmental damage. The Inflatable Flow Stop, by allowing for a smaller hot tap hole to help maintain pipeline integrity, will enable less invasive efforts, both in terms of complexity of the job and to the surrounding environment while servicing pressurized pipelines. It also pushes the knowledge boundary of what is possible to stop flow in pressurized pipelines. We are excited about this development as it is another door opened in product innovation for a challenging industry problem.


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