Plasma based technological innovation for environment protection in Baltic Sea Region


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New possibilities: PlasTEP – The new plasma project is getting started

“Plasma for environment protection” this is the new slogan for 15 project partners from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

Over the recent years, the public opinion is focused on the issue of environmental protection since progressing degradation of the environment, resulting from increased generation of pollutants and wastes, is the price for the extremely rapid development of human civilization of the 20th century. The pollution control of the environment is now a transnational request of all countries and a strategic aim of the European Union. This is also reflected in the increasing tightening of the exhaust emission standards particularly in the Baltic Sea Region countries.

A new plasma project “PlasTEP: Dissemination and fostering of plasma based technological innovation for environment protection in BSR” is getting started on the 1st January 2010. The project aim of PlasTEP is to send clear information to decision makers from politics and economy. PlasTEP is focused on establishing a sustainable structure and is responsible for transferring knowledge from research institutions to turn them into market applications. An intact nature represents an important commercial basis particularly in the BSR countries. Therefore the industrialization has been arranged environment-friendly. New possibilities for this will be opened by the innovative plasma-based filter and water treatment techniques.

In order to win necessary investors for environmental issues, 3 thematic working groups will be developed in the context of PlasTEP, in which partial mobile illustrative models/- prototypes will be constructed and demonstrated.

The 1st working group is busy with the pollutants nitrogen oxide/sulphur oxide (NOx/SOx) how they occur primarily at all burning processes.

The 2nd working group concentrates on polluting volatile organic compounds (VOC) and particles like they appear e.g. polymer processing, paint shops etc.

The 3rd working group is focused on the treatment of polluted water. The sustainability of the considered application, covered eight BSR partner countries is analysed interdisciplinary.

Resulting from this, common support strategies of the industrial implementation will be developed and disseminated. SMEs as users and manufacturers, public authorities as proponent and purchaser as well as organisations with a multiplication character are playing a substantial role. In addition PlasTEP will organise meetings with potential investors who may be interested in solutions developed.

Alexander Schwock | Project manager
Jane Schmidt | Communication officer
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