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Source: Casella

With budgets under pressure everywhere, the good news is that Casella is offering customers an incentive to upgrade their monitoring instrumentation.

An old-for-new replacement scheme can save users up to 30% on new replacements, plus the company is offering a 50% reduction on its Microdust to encourage SHE professionals to work with real-time dust data.

Real time dust monitoring allows you to quickly assess workplaces and individual tasks for inhalation hazards enabling you to make instant decisions, rather than waiting days for retrospective gravimetric data gained from traditional personal air samplers. The 50% discount applies to all Microdust Real Time Dust Monitors and the Dust Detective area monitoring unit. 

Although the old-for-new replacement scheme does not apply to already discounted products, it does bring substantial savings to all other Casella monitoring technology when old products in any condition and from any manufacturer are traded in for disposal. The savings of up to 30% are available on equipment such as sound level meters, dust monitors and air sampling pumps, and should enable SHE professionals to proceed with necessary equipment upgrades despite budgetary limitations imposed upon them.

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