Plymovent is launching the PersonalPro range


Source: Plymovent Group BV

Two helmets that provide personal protection when welding, cutting and grinding.

Plymovent is a globally operating leading supplier of products, systems and services for the exhaustion and filtration of welding and cutting fumes as well as other products. In addition to a full range of products for the protection of metalworkers such as source exhaustion and general filtration and ventilation, Plymovent is now also launching a new product line; PersonalPro. These helmets (PPE; personal protection equipment) offer personal protection when welding, cutting and grinding We have 2 versions. The wearing comfort of both is perfect and so is their fit. They can be connected to the supplied PAPR unit for fresh air when working.

PersonalPro for welding work

The PersonalPro for welding work is a versatile fresh air welding helmet suitable for electrode, MIG/MAG and TIG welding and also for grinding work. It has a visor with an automatic dark-coloured DIN 9-13 welding filter. In addition, the helmet has 4 arc sensors and a reaction time of only 0,2 ms. This ensures you have the right face protection when it is required without having to constantly flip up and down the front to inspect the workpiece. The welding front has a view of 160° because of having two side windows. There is an extra large grinding visor under the welding front. This welding helmet ensures that you can change easily between grinding and welding work.

PersonalPro for cutting work

There is also a suitable product in the PersonalPro line for cutting work. The lightweight grinding helmet only weighs 328 g and, therefore, guarantees ultimate wearing comfort. It has a large visor and an adjustable headband.

PAPR unit

The fresh air filter supplies filtered fresh air during the welding work. The unit has 2 speeds: a standard speed of 180 l/min and a higher speed of 220 l/min. Speed selection is based on the welders habits, application and environment. The large button guarantees a simple operation of the motor unit. The PAPR unit will emit a visual and audible alarm alert when the battery is nearly spent or the filter is full.


The welding and grinding helmets with fresh air unit are supplied as standard with an air hose and robust storage bag. In addition, there are different accessories such as various magnifying lenses, a harness and belt extension.

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