Plymovent sponsors MX3D to print a 3D steel bridge


Source: Plymovent Group BV

Plymovent contributes its clean air and filtration expertise to the first bridge project of its kind in the world!

Designed by Dutch designer and artist Joris Laarman, MX3D will 3D print the construction of a metal bridge to be placed in the center of Amsterdam.

MX3D, a highly innovative Dutch start-up company, invented an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool in 2014. MX3D equipped an industrial robot with an advanced welding machine and developed software to control it. The new innovation of MX3D allows it to 3D print strong, complex structures out of sustainable material (metals, resin) in virtually any size or shape in mid-air without the need for support structures. The result: MX3D is 3D printing the first bridge project of its kind in the world!

Plymovent, a leading global clean air company, provides an advanced weld fume removal solution for the innovative bridge project. As a result, Plymovent offered the MDB-COMPACT; a compact integrated filter, fan and controls unit that harnesses the proven and unbeaten technology of the MultiDust Bank. Due to its compact design the MDB-COMPACT is the ideal choice for applications where a self-cleaning filter system is needed near the source of pollution. Exactly the situation in Amsterdam during the printing of the metal bridge.


  • The integrated self-cleaning filter and fan unit’s COMPACT size fit the footprint and application requirements.
  • The integrated fan is placed in a SilentFlowTM sound absorbing box, this reduces both the mechanical and airflow noise of the fan to an acceptable noise level. Additional ducting at the exhaust side of the filter isn’t necessary which makes the overall installation more compact and easier to install.
  • A Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier is placed in each filter cartridge and disperses the pulse energy directly to the filter medium. The results are significant: cleaner filters, lower pressure drop, less compressed air and energy consumption. Ram-AirTM means low operational costs.
  • The MDB-COMPACT has Plymovent BiCo filter cartridges which last longer. Filter life is not only determined by cleaning efficiency but more often by the strength of the bonding between the fibers in the media. When the bonding breaks, the pressure drop rises immediately and airflow drops. This normally means a costly filter cartridge replacement. Plymovent BiCo cartridges are based on state-of-the-art bi-component technology. Plymovent selects only media with a proven performance and that is why Plymovent cartridges last longer.

The sponsoring of Plymovent is an excellent example of how Plymovent is participating in the future. Innovation is essential to come to sustainable and effective solutions. The MX3D-project is for Plymovent the future of an automated construction site. As a result of advanced information and communication technology and robotics, new possibilities arise in the field of design, types of material used, fabrication, logistics and safety and Plymovent is right there!

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