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POL-ECO SYSTEM 2019 – the largest meeting for the municipal and environmental protection sector


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The latest solutions for the environmental protection and municipal sector, as well as numerous conferences, trainings and debates attracted 8,000 participants to the POL-ECO SYSTEM fair.

Top politicians, representatives of local administration, science and business took part in the POL-ECO SYSTEM fair in Poznań. Exhibitions of companies and expert meetings were accompanied by panel discussions on key issues related to environmental protection. More than 300 companies from 12 countries showcased the latest solutions for the industry. 10 MTP Gold Medals, the most recognizable awards on the Polish market, were presented to innovative products characterised by the highest quality. POL-ECO SYSTEM was visited by nearly 8,000 people, a 15% increase compared to the previous year. The participants had an opportunity to participate in over 50 conferences, trainings and events accompanying the trade fair.
“The POL-ECO SYSTEM fair is one of the largest and most important events for the environmental protection sector in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a perfect spot for substantive discussions and sharing of opinions on the most interesting issues in the environmental protection and waste management sectors. Held in a single location, it provides this opportunity for representatives of public institutions, local governments, representatives of business, science and education. POL-ECO SYSTEM is undoubtedly an excellent platform to learn about the latest technologies, products and services in the field of municipal technology, waste and recycling, air protection, water and sewage management and renewable energy sources,” emphasized Paulina Pietrzak, the project director.

This year’s leading theme of the POL-ECO SYSTEM fair “Sustainable waste management – for people, health and the environment” corresponds to the actions taken by the Ministry of the Environment, which have contributed to the improvement of the waste management system. In his words, Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk stressed that the POL-ECO SYSTEM trade fair was a good place to hold debates on current challenges and future directions for development in the field of environmental protection. “It is our responsibility to take care of the environment, as it results from the necessity to ensure resources for future generations. A closed-loop economy is one of the solutions to this problem,” said the Minister of the Environment. At the same time, he emphasized that efforts in environmental protection must lead to minimizing of human impact on the ecosystem.

Comprehensive solutions for the industry
This year’s edition of POL-ECO SYSTEM was a response to the market demand with regard to innovative solutions for environmental protection and comprehensive service for business entities investing in modern waste management. The exhibition space featured machines, equipment and technologies for waste management, municipal technology, recycling, as well as for summer and winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks. Moreover, the fair offered solutions based on renewable sources and those related to water and sewage management. More than 300 companies from Poland, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy presented their products and services.

New products and premieres on the market

The POL-ECO SYSTEM trade fair saw the presentations of 22 new products. These were: Air treatment devices ELIXAIR 200, ELIXAIR 400, E2100, ELIXAIR E416, E1250 (W.P.I.P.), Individual Waste Segregation System T-Master (IPP Sp. z o.o.), Biorol Technology, Natural fertilizer Biorol, (Ekotechnologie S.C.), Mono FR60 FR 325WP (SOLUXTEC) photovoltaic module, 4BLOCK submersible pump, EASYPRO electronic pump controller, AQUALOOP rainwater treatment system (MPI s.c.), TWISTER separator and unpacker by Drycake, MAC 112 mobile press with Macpresse and PTF bale wrapping machine, WS/18-35D TK mobile chipper by TS Industrie (Agrex-Eco Sp. z o.o.), KASTELL ZL/S (KASTELL), machine for ultrasonic sewing and cutting of synthetic materials, fabrics and foils, Manufacture of vacuum cleaner bags using ultrasonic technology, Digital ultrasonic welding machine 20kHz KWD-2620 (BOSMANN Sp. z o.o.), ORWAK COMPACT 3120 pressing machine (Orwak Polska Sp. z o.o.), Prasokontener Husmann MP 1000 TS (ARTechnic), eSwingo 200+ Compact electric sweeper (Aebi Schmidt Polska Sp. z o.o.).

In addition, the trade fair saw two premieres. The first one was the Biorol fertilizer by Ekotechnologie. It is the only organic fertilizer on the market, obtained through an innovative process, which involves processing a mixture of municipal sewage or industrial sludge and ash from biomass combustion. The other premiere of POL-ECO SYSTEM was AXTOR 4510/6210, a universal high-speed wood shredder manufactured by Komptech, equipped with a 462 bhp engine and weight of less than 19 t in a trailer version. The new AXTOR 4510 is an ideal, compact 2-in-1 solution for shredding and chopping biomass.

Awards and prizes

The POL-ECO SYSTEM trade fair is the place where many awards and prizes are presented. This year, 10 products were awarded with the MTP Gold Medals and four companies received the Acantus Aurens awards.

The Gold Medals of the Poznań International Fair were presented by Minister Henryk Kowalczyk and President of the Management Board of the MTP Group Przemysław Trawa. The medals were awarded to ten entrepreneurs whose products received the highest marks from the jury. These included: Aerodynamic Assembly System TRITO, Channel baling press Pronar HPBK-67HA, Container for municipal waste CONTENUR C1100 H / C1100TC H, Cantilever KWT 651EP SAMASZ Sp. z o.o., Air Separator PROTECHNIKA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Kärcher Sweeper MC 250, Individual Waste Segregation System T-Master, Air Separator Ecohog EH1500-SM1, Film Separator Matthiessen FR2000, Electric Drum Screen MAXX E from the Komptech green efficiency® series.

Paulina Pietrzak, the director of POL-ECO SYSTEM Fair, presented the Acantus Aurens Awards for the best arrangements of trade fair exhibitions. The awards went to: EKOCEL Sp. z o.o., Kärcher Sp. z o.o., CONTENUR Polska Sp. z o.o. and the Town of the Ministry of the Environment, which hosted the presentations of the Ministry of the Environment, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, General Directorate for Environmental Protection, Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, State Forests – General Directorate for State Forests, Institute for Environmental Protection – National Research Institute, Forest Research Institute, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, National Geological Institute – National Research Institute, Bank for Environmental Protection, as well as Voivodeship Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The opening ceremony of the POL-ECO SYSTEM fair saw the presentation of awards in the third edition of the competition known as PRODUCT IN CIRCULATION, organized by the Minister of the Environment. The trade fair was accompanied by an exhibition of products or projects nominated in the competition. The main idea of the competition was to support innovative solutions in the field of ecology and closed-loop economy. The competition was mainly attended by manufacturers, designers, distributors and service providers who, with their products or designs, embody the idea of a closed-loop economy.

Versatile topics

It was the third time that the EkoSfera (EcoSphere) conference and exhibition space, which is an integral part of the fair, had been organized by the Ministry of the Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The conference part featured numerous discussion panels and debates on trends in the waste sector, transposition of the EU law into Polish law in the field of plastics, extended producer responsibility, ecological aspects of wood construction or eco-management in companies. In the exhibition zone, on the other hand, the Ministry of the Environment together with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and other entities supervised by the Minister of the Environment, presented their activities and achievements in the field of environmental protection. The zone also housed such exhibitions as 30 large investments supported by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, 25 years of the Voivodship Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management, 25 years of geothermal development in Poland, Raw materials reserves in Poland, The Vistula and its ecosystem, as well as the exhibition called Forest by the State Forests and the winners of the PRODUCT IN CIRCULATION competition. The EcoSphere was held under the honorary patronage of the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The POL-ECO SYSTEM trade fair provided an opportunity to summarize the works of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year, and to present the directions for the further activities of this institution.
In addition to numerous sessions, conferences and debates devoted to waste management, the fair also focused on issues related to power engineering and smart city. The most interesting areas addressed at the meetings included the developing prosumer energy sector, energy storage, energy clusters and renewable energy sources for entrepreneurs, local governments, cooperatives and housing communities.
Trade fair participants could also gain practical knowledge about the functioning of the Database on products and packaging and waste management. The BDO registry is the first element of the Database on products and packaging and waste management. As of 1 January 2020, the entire workflow of documents related to waste management, including submission of applications to the BDO Registry and keeping records and submission of reports, will be conducted by electronic means.

The subject of the conference on New fire protection requirements in waste management was closely related to the changes that occur in fire protection of waste collection, storage and processing sites, in connection with last year’s amendment to the Waste Act and the new MSWiA regulation in this area.

The debate on the future of the cities was significant. This issue was addressed at the Forum for Urban Development that accompanies the fair. So what should the cities of tomorrow be like? According to the participants of the Poznań meeting, they should be intelligent to the extent that they help the inhabitants in their everyday lives and make them happy. The special guest of the Forum, Charles Montgomery, the author of the book titled A Happy City, pointed to the social factor as the most important determinant of happiness. According to Montgomery, the level of happiness is largely influenced by social relationships. “Happy cities are those that give their inhabitants as many opportunities to meet and interact as possible,” said Charles Montgomery.

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