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Polaris FID and TÜV Certification


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We are glad to inform You that we received the Product Conformity Certificate (ID No. 0000039773) from TÜV Rheinland.

The Polaris FID was tested by TÜV Rheinland Energie und Umwelt GmbH in accordance with the MCERTS Performance Standard for Portable Emission Monitoring Systems and certified in accordance with:

  • EN 12619:1999 [regarding technical FID performance for stack emission at low concentrations: 0-15 / 0-20 mg/m3]
  • EN 13526:2002 [regarding technical FID performance for stack emission at high concentrations: 0-500 mg/m3]

The Validation for field test was performed under specifications testing procedures:

  • QAL2 [Quality Assurance Level for long-term performance]
  • AST [Annual Surveillance Test]

to verify the accuracy requirements laid down by

  • EN 14181 [regarding on-field performance of AMS (automated measuring systems) for stack emissions or CEMS]

Quality Management System has been also investigated and complies with:

  • EN15267-2        [regarding, for AMS fabricants, production control and continuous surveillance of product changes impacts]

Additionally the compliance of the Polaris FID with the requirements of EPA Method 25A is guaranteed. [regarding FID construction and technical performance under US legislation for stack emission TOC monitoring]

On the basis of the assessment and the ranges required for compliance with EU Directives the Polaris FID is considered suitable for measuring TOC for continuous emission monitoring where is required an official permission (i.e. waste incineration, large combustion plants…).

Below the TÜV certificate and the link for the web version:


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