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Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

Pooltest Professional Plus launched with new features


Source: Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

The new Pooltest 9 and 25 Professional Plus units from Palintest Ltd. have built-in support for the new DPD XF and XT extended range chlorine test tablets. A new balanced water calculation function has also been added, which automatically uses the results from the standard tests to produce a Palintest or Langelier index result.

The standard or extended chlorine ranges can be easily selected from the settings menu, which means that the buttons and test regimes are kept the same at all times. Both free and total chlorine levels for 0-10 ppm are covered by the DPD XF and XT tablets respectively, and the tests work in exactly the same simple way as the original 0-5 ppm range.

The second new feature is the built-in water balance calculation. This automatically converts results from the usual chemical tests without the need to manually re-enter the data, greatly speeding and easing the process. Recommended ideal conditioning agent parameters are then provided to aid swimming pool maintenance personnel.

As with the previous versions, the Pooltest 9 version features all the typical tests needed for pool water testing, and the Pooltest 25 model includes capabilities for more specialised testing as well (e.g. sulphate and phosphate levels). Both feature large, backlit LCD screens for simple and quick menu navigation, with on-screen instructions and automatic wavelength selections making testing programmes as easy as possible. The menus are also available in 5 languages.

The new units have retained and built upon the ease of use that characterised their predecessors and made them the best selling pool photometers in the world. They can run on standard ‘AA’ batteries, through the easy USB data connection to a PC, or a standalone adapter. The photometers are direct-reading and fully integrated for use with the Palintest range of chemical reagents for comprehensive pool water testing. Both new Pooltest products are fully waterproof to IP67 standard (full submersion), and are even designed to float.

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