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Portuguese technology company is an international reference


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ISA- Intelligent Sensing Anywhere’s experience in remote monitoring in the area of fuels has ensured a prominent place in Berg Insight’s report about the Oil&Gas industry, in which the company has recently been listed as one of the best companies in the world in M2M communications.
Fuel distribution companies are holders of parks with thousands of tanks. By formulating the right questions, this activity can achieve efficient ways of obtaining useful information for supply operations: how to aggregate all the available information? How to analyze historical tank levels? In what manner this information can be useful for distribution?

And this is where ISA comes in- a Portuguese company with more than 20 years of experience in the development of M2M solutions for the oil and gas market that has just been listed in a report by Berg Insight, a prestige Swedish consultant in development of reports in the area of remote measurement, among others.

ISA develops equipment with intelligent technology that sends information to management platforms, therefore creating «business intelligence» in the areas of energy, environment, oil and gas.

ISA´s vast experience, with focus on telemetry solutions for LPG tanks, justifies this reference. Intelligent Sensing Anywhere is exactly this. It is the ability to collect information from a distance and use this data to optimize the resources of cities and improve conditions for companies and citizens, thus forming a Smart City.

The specialized market in which ISA is a pioneer, and still holds world leadership- telemetry of LPG tanks- is a market with annual movements of 25 million euros, but a large part of potential market is still unexplored. This potential can be described as the invisible part of an iceberg, where the visible part is the mobile phones that we all are using. Today there are seven billion people with the potential of using mobile phones, but there are seven times more existing machines with the potential of being able to communicate with each other, to become more efficient and effective. ISA presents the experience and competences that are necessary to be in forefront of the M2M market, helping companies from the fuel market to obtain better results through state of the art technology.

The area of gas tanks telemetry has been, without a doubt, an application of ISA where the growth has been very fast, due to the fact that the potential of logistical savings is enormous. One of ISA´s clients, for example, reduced its travelling distance by 150 thousand kilometres per year on its LPG supply routes. Thousands of units installed in the largest Oil&Gas suppliers prove the quality and value of our solutions. With our tank monitoring solutions, a programmer of the company has the possibility to know in real-time, how many tanks need to be refueled and with what priority. A dislocation of a truck to a tank which, in the end turns out is already full, is a thing of the past. This system is being constantly improved and in a not so distant future, it will be possible to monitor not only tanks, but also all the entire fleet on site and find, in a simple and automatic form, the best routes for replenishment of the tanks.

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