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Positive feedback from the JEMS 39th Annual Meeting


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Perceptive Instruments completed a successful trip to Japan last month, exhibiting at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society (JEMS).

During the meeting we met many of our Japanese Comet Assay IV users, the majority of whom are active participants of the Japanese Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods (JaCVAM) comet assay initiative.

The main objective of this initiative is to co-ordinate international validation studies of the comet assay with the ultimate goal being to establish an OECD guideline for the in vivo and in vitro comet assay.

To highlight existing studies implemented under the JaCVAM initiative, two posters were displayed at the meeting entitled: 'Comet Assay Atlas' [1] and 'In Vivo Comet Assay: Update on Ongoing International Validation Study Coordinated by JaCVAM (2nd Report).'[2]

The 'Comet Assay Atlas' has been developed as a guide to help standardize the selection and identification of comets for image analysis. Criteria for comet selection have been outlined in the Atlas to enable users to distinguish between scorable and non-scorable comets. For example, those which appear to have morphological defects, such as those with atypical nuclei, diffusion or those identified as 'hedgehogs', should not be scored.

The second poster, 'In Vivo Comet Assay: Update on Ongoing International Validation Study Coordinated by JaCVAM (2nd Report)', reports on the progress of the in vivo alkaline comet assay validation. The 1st step of the 4th phase was successfully completed in 2009, producing promising results. The next step is expected to be completed in March 2011.

Clearly, substantial progress is being made towards the establishment of the comet assay as a regulatory test for genotoxicity.

[1] Comet Assay Atlas
J. Tanaka et al, P-053. JEMS: November 16-17, 2010, 119.

[2] In Vivo Comet Assay: Update on Ongoing International Validation Study Coordinated by JaCVAM (2nd Report)
Y. Uno et al, P-052. JEMS: November 16-17, 2010, 118

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