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Power Outages & Waste Water


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With the onslaught of problems from last week’s high winds and rain, getting power restored to waste water treatment plants has been difficult and troublesome.

In our quest to find alternative means to these problems, August BioPro are developing a solution for group schemes and municipal treatment plants that will not only help in the 24/7 power requirement of a utility that needs to be on all the time, but will provide positive cash flow to the municipality that can ultimately reduce the carbon footprint and self fund the utility which should bring water charges down.

How are we going to do it?

Wind, solar, backup generators, and low energy consumption to run the plant. With a healthy combination of the three systems and the obvious, “use less electricity” it is envisioned that the plant will generate more energy than it requires, therefore putting it back on the grid for a positive cash flow that can supplement the ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

This is simple todo, we have the technology and the increased capitol costs will be outweighed by the savings on 20 year DBOs (design, build and operate) contracts to which local authorities like to employ to ensure their investment is well looked after.

What is stopping us?

Most group schemes and larger scale projects have to be tendered, which is important, however the local authority or now in this case Irish Water usually employ engineers to design a system that is normally out of a text book and antiquated. This means new technology hasn’t a look in! I am told Irish Water has hired people to look into new technology, we are hoping they change the way we do business in this country.

A step forward

Embrace the new technology, stop spending massive amounts of money on engineering consultants who pick text book designs and reject bids of anything different. Use the savings to educate Irish Water in the new technologies, and make it a fairer tendering process.

Terry Hutt
Managing Director,
August BioPro Ireland

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