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Powerful Well Cleaning Treatment, BoreSaver, Launched in Canada

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BoreSaver, the NSF certified well cleaning treatments used in over fourteen countries worldwide, has launched in Canada.

1st July 2012 -- BoreSaver, the NSF certified well cleaning treatments used in over fourteen countries worldwide, has launched in Canada, following its successful entry into the North American market two years ago. A recent article in Groundwater Canada highlights the effectiveness of BoreSaver and its long term benefits for systems suffering from iron oxide and iron bacteria contamination.

BoreSaver is a powerful range of cleaning solutions for iron oxide, bacterial slime and calcium carbonate contamination. Part of a phased-treatment program that has been successfully used across Europe, Australia and North America, BoreSaver has been introduced to Canada by Ability Pump & Equipment (Calgary) and Laval Underground Surveys, pioneers of downhole inspection equipment and the American partners of UK-based Geoquip Water Solutions, water industry and well rehabilitation specialists.

Tested and certified by the NSF for use in potable water supplies, BoreSaver is safe, easy to use, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The BoreSaver range removes mineral deposits, improves water supply quality, increases water output and extends the working life of pumping equipment and accessories.

Laval was approached by a number of Canadian companies looking for an effective and long-term solution for iron, manganese and calcium carbonate contamination,” said Mike Deed from Geoquip. “We welcome this opportunity to offer BoreSaver and a proven phased-treatment program that will significantly impact on the Canadian water well industry.”

Iron bacteria and iron oxide deposits are estimated to affect about 40% of the world’s water wells and contamination problems are widespread across Canada. Red/brown water staining is common and a build up of deposits causes clogged screens and pumps, reduced yields and reduction in the well capacity.

Typical applications for BoreSaver include geothermal, pipelines, water supply wells, quarrying, mining, leachate pumping, irrigation and remediation. BoreSaver is used globally by large mining companies, government water supply organizations, industrial estates, university sites and commercial manufacturers who need clean water for their applications.


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