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PPM Technology supply wireless monitoring units for 'Secure Living' initiative.


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PPM have recently co-operated with IBM to supply them with a number of wireless monitoring units for a pilot of the ‘Secure Living’ initiative.

The initiative aims to improve the quality of life of older citizens in the city of Bolzano, Italy. Allowing them greater independence and integration into society. IBM hope this has been achieved through the introduction of a new system of remote monitoring and tele-assistance for people who need home care.

PPM Technology’s wireless monitoring units have been placed in a number of locations where vulnerable individuals live. The data is collected in real time and is analyzed in the control room; if the data indicates immediate danger of any form, a dedicated team from Bolzano's Department of Social Services can be alerted and will take action if neccesary.

The monitoring units supplied to IBM contained sensors for a number of parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, natrural gas - methane, smoke and water level. Monitoring of these parameters help ensure that vulnerable individuals are safe from over-exposure to the hazardous gases, and enable optimum indoor environment conditions to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the occupants and also to safe-guard property.

The Wireless IAQ Profile Monitor system has been designed to be easy to set-up and operate. A manager PC simply connects to the wireless network using a Telegesis ZigBee USB module, allowing for transmitting and receiving of information to and from a particular wireless unit.

The wireless units communicate via the sophisticated and reliable Zigbee wireless mesh network; the network can be extended easily by adding repeater nodes or additional PPMonitor or Mini PPMonitor units; each unit can be configured with unique sensor specifications if required. This allows complete monitoring of the Indoor Air Environment in any building layout.

One unit is connected to the Building Management System; BMS Software allows the entire wireless system to be managed from a single PC, the PC can pre-set a number of different exposure levels to trigger when limits are exceeded; these could be visible or audible alarms or to control 3rd party systems such as ventilation systems.

The PPMonitor software enables the data to be viewed graphically, produce reports and statistical data. Analysis of the recorded data over time allows for more efficient management of resources and energy.

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