Precautions of CNC Horizontal Hard Turning Machine(I)

Highlight the advantages of CNC Horizontal Hard Turning Machine is no longer carried out grinding,But, So far some factories still think turning over 45HRC hardness level precision parts and grinding process to achieve feasible. CNC Horizontal Hard Turning Machine goal is to chip away with at least 80% of calories, in order to maintain the thermal stability of the part. Reasonably hard turning system can be reduced or even omitted grinding and related to the high cost and long tool machining time. Many aspects have to pay attention to when hard turning. We focus on two aspects speak today. Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. based on hard turning applications engineer in the company's specific application. Considers it necessary to pay attention to many aspects of the hard turning, there are two aspects to narrate of today.

1.    Workpiece

But hard turning frequently carried out on more than 60HRC hardness of workpiece. Hard turning materials typically include tool steel, bearing steel, hardened steel and with inconel, corrosion resistant nickel-based alloy, stellite and other special materials. According metallurgy, Cut deep within a small range of hardness deviation (less than 2 HRC) of the material can show the best course of predictability. Most suitable for hard turning parts with a smaller aspect ratio (L / D), Generally, workpiece unsupported ratio L / D of not more than 4: 1, supporting the workpiece with L / D ratio of greater than 8: 1. Despite the slender part has tailstock support,but due to excessive pressure on the cutting knife is still possible to cause vibration. In order to maximize the system hard turning rigid, so we need to minimize the overhang. The extended length of the tool holder height not greater than 1.5 times.

2.    Process

Because of the hard turning will take away the most of the heat generated from the chip. Before and after processing can be found on the chip to check whether the entire process coordination. When continuous is cutting, chips should was blazing orange, and wildly flowing out like a ribbon. After cooling chips by hand if a fundamental rupture pressure, it’s meaning that chip away the heat is normal.

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