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Precellys Evolution, the Super Homogenizer


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Paris, France -- Bertin Technologies is well known for its Precellys brand of tissue homogenizers, which has a ten years history. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new instrument, the Precellys Evolution, which provides superior performance in speed, volume flexibility, robustness and efficiency.

The Precellys instruments have thousands of references that attest to their ability to grind or lyse any type of biological sample. This first step in sample preparation will enhance subsequent DNA, RNA or protein analysis and yields better results in comparison to manual grinding, sonication or mixing.

Especially designed for BSL3 laboratories, the Precellys Evolution is based on 10 years of sample preparation expertise. The instrument’s unique figure-8 multi-directional motion provides the same high level of energy and homogenization efficiency to all the tubes.

The Precellys Evolution has the capability to process 4 different sizes of tubes and up to 24 tubes simultaneously. Its flexibility and high efficiency gives users the ability to grind, homogenize or lyse any type of soft or hard sample from animal, human, plant or microorganism, in about 30 seconds. It is the perfect solution for either routine applications or specific R&D projects.

This new instrument completes the Precellys range, which is already composed of the following:

  • Precellys24, the first homogenizer
  • Minilys, the compact, flexible & low budget homogenizer for daily lab workflow
  • Cryolys, the cooling unit for thermo-sensitive sample preparation
  • Precellys Lysing kits, a full range of 25 references to fit with any biological sample


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