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Predictor-LimA Habla Español


Even more intuitive for Spanish-speakers

To meet growing demand from consultants and other environmental experts in Spain and South America, Brüel & Kjær’s noise prediction software - Predictor-LimA - is now available in Spanish. 

Predictor has been created according to the Windows® software design guide, to make sure the software is intuitive and user-friendly for new users, from the very start. As a result, its intuitive software is even easier to use for Spanish-speakers, with the Spanish-language Predictor user interface ensuring the software’s already fast learning curve is even faster.

The intuitive interface and well-organised project structure acts as a guide for users, so they can focus on their project. To avoid users wasting time searching through files, all scenarios and action plans are maintained within one Predictor project.

Predictor-LimA provides an efficient solution for any project by bundling and integrating the intuitive Predictor™ and the flexible LimA™ software into one powerful, state-of-the-art package.

Created by Softnoise and distributed by Brüel & Kjær, Predictor-LimA is a highly advanced system for environmental noise calculation, mapping and analysis. It’s powerful and intuitive, making it the ideal software for experts and non-experts, modelling a range of noise applications including industrial noise, road, rail and air traffic.

More information about Predictor-Lima and a list of improvements in Version 10.01 is available on:

A trial software link is also available to download on Brüel & Kjær’s website.

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