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Premier Tech Aqua will market the Ecoprocess MBR membrane bioreactor in Canada


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Québec, Canada – Premier Tech Aqua (PTA), a business unit of Premier Tech Environmental Technologies Group (ETG), proudly announces its new partnership with Ecochem and Microdyn-Nadir to market the Ecoprocess MBR membrane bioreactor in Canada, a solution that can efficiently meet the most stringent wastewater treatment requirements for municipal, commercial, community and institutional applications.

Ecoprocess MBR is a state-of-the-art technology producing a high quality effluent that meets water reuse criteria. Innovative and efficient, this solution fully answers footprint restriction, optimum use of existing infrastructure and operational issues for municipalities which now have to comply with increasingly rigorous environmental and economic constraints.

«We searched around the world for a proven, reliable, high performance, durable and economical membrane module in order to provide the best MBR solution to our customers and partners», said Henri Ouellet, President of ETG. «We believe our homework is done and that the Ecochem-Microdyn module is the answer we were seeking».

PTA’s Ecoprocess MBR is designed as the ideal technology to be used to upgrade treatment capacity and effluent quality, or to repair existing MBR systems. The treatment combines an efficient activated sludge process with a submerged ultrafiltration membrane. The flat sheet design membrane with open top and bottom guarantees simplicity, reliability and the much required robustness for wastewater treatment operation. It acts as a physical barrier, stopping pathogens and suspended solids. Fine bubble diffusers provide aeration for the treatment with low energy consumption. Very compact and easy to implement, Ecoprocess MBR is supported by a strong Service program for full support and maintenance.

Always at the forefront of innovative ways to do things, PTA is continuously seeking for technologies that address today’s wastewater challenges with the most adapted, sustainable and effective solutions.

All about Ecochem

Ecochem International is specialized in the design and manufacturing of liquid purification, separation, concentration and compound recovering equipment using membrane separation techniques. Forming a strategic alliance, Ecochem has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Microdyn-Nadir GmbH. Ecochem markets innovative products such as immersed module for membrane bioreactors in both industrial and municipal applications. This can be used in the field of water and wastewater treatment, but also in many process-integrated applications. 

All about Microdyn-Nadir

Developing Micro-, Ultra- and Nanofiltration products Made in Germany for more than 4 decades, Microdyn-Nadir has been working very successfully on the development and production of membrane products for various applications. This long standing experience is essential to the company. It is not only an indispensable counterpart to its professional competence, but also the key to providing products of the highest quality and maximum performance.

All about Premier Tech

Since 1923, Premier Tech has been building its know-how and reputation on the diversity and technological expertise of its 2 000 team members located all around the world. As one of Premier Tech’s business units for over 20 years, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) has become an international leader in the field of onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment technologies for the residential, commercial, community, and industrial sectors. With over 45 000 installations, each coupled with a rigorous inspection, maintenance and documented follow-up program performed by a large network of partners, PTA is undoubtedly one of the leaders in its industry. Active in North America, Europe and Asia, PTA is proud of the quality, performance, and reliability of its solution offering.


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