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Primozone delivers super-efficient ozone solution to SalMar fish farm in Follafoss, Norway, a repeat sale proving the Primozone ozone generator efficiency.


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Lund, Sweden -- Swedish ozone generator supplier Primozone has been selected to provide a complete ozone solution for the expanding facilities at SalMar Settefisk, Follafoss who is a part of SalMar ASA one of the largest producers of salmon in the world.

SalMar Settefisk in Follafoss, who produces 10 million smolts (fry) a year, is now expanding its facility with a new RAS (recirculating aquaculture) system.

Primozone has been chosen to supply and design the ozone water treatment solution for the new RAS-plant. The ozone solution includes a Primozone GM18 ozone generator, a Primozone system controller and the design and construction of the dissolution system

Primozone was specifically requested as the supplier of the ozone solution by both SalMar Settefisk and Nofitech, the designer of the RAS system, as the best available option on the market. SalMar already has a Primozone GM18 ozone generator installed since 2 years and Nofitech has 25-years of experience in designing land-based fish farms and knows the importance of a well-designed ozone system.

Good water quality is a prerequisite for good smolt quality, and in the same way, good smolt quality is one of the main prerequisites for a safe and efficient production of farmed salmon. Research shows that the water quality improvement gained from ozone water treatment at RAS improves smolt growth and thus increases productivity.

Primozone has a unique competence in both designing and providing complete ozone systems that are very efficient considering energy consumption, oxygen consumption, dissolution and redundancy.

The comparably low energy consumption of the Primozone GM ozone generator goes well with the SalMar environmental policy. The plant at Follafoss heats the water by heat exchange of the wastewater from the nearby pulp and paper industry and the surplus heat from the tanks is in turn used for power production.

About Primozone

Primozone is the leading supplier of patented innovative ozone generators that generate far more ozone and use far less energy than the alternatives on the market. The products are highly efficient, energy efficient, reliable, easy to install and maintain, light and with a small footprint, quiet, and with a built-in flexible monitoring and control system, giving the customers more efficient and reliable water treatment, reduced operating costs and the lowest life cycle cost on the market by far.

The company’s product range consists of four ozone generator models, varying in size and capacity. Primozone offers complete systems for ozone treatment of water with ozone generators as well as ozone application know-how, system design, oxygen generators, compressors, mixing and tank systems, and control and monitoring systems.

Primozone’s customers are industries with wastewater treatment needs, and municipal wastewater and drinking water treatment facilities. Primozone was founded in 2000 and has its head office, research and development, and in-house production in southern Sweden. For more about Primozone, please visit

About ozone and ozone generation

Ozone is a naturally produced gas, essentially made up by oxygen. Oxidation by ozone is one of the most effective water treatment processes that exist. It kills microorganisms and cleans, treats, and disinfects water. It can also be used to control the taste, odor and colour of water. Ozone is an unstable gas and is produced on site by ozone generators. Ozone treatment is an environmentally friendly way of treating water, as opposed to chemicals like chlorine.

Interest in and usage of ozone to treat water has increased due to the fact that it is environmentally friendly, very effective (in the light of stricter regulation and more frequent outbursts of harmful bacteria and parasites in drinking water), and due to the availability of more efficient and energy efficient ozone generators like Primozone’s.

Primozone’s solution is based on a patented new way to generate ozone in high concentrations through a very efficient cold plasma process.

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