Processing – Settlement Using Conical Tanks



Waste water management is an issue across a number of industries, from manufacturing, engineering and construction and the separation of impurities from water and other liquids can be effortlessly achieved using dedicated cone bottom tanks, otherwise known as conical tanks.  Manufactured using a single piece of rotationally moulded uv-stabilised polyethylene, cone bottom tanks feature just that, a conical bottom of varying degrees that allow for sediments and impurities to sink to the bottom, where they can be drained off.

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are manufactured with a steel stand and are used in the process environment and are designed to contain liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity, including liquids such as fertiliser, molasses and a wide variety of industrial liquids and chemicals.  As well as chemical processing which includes settlement of sludge, storage and holding, surge tank and balance tank usage, Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are in fact made from food-grade polyethylene, so they are suitable for brewing and wine-making, again, where the settlement and separation of sediment and impurities is required.

Available in 33 sizes ranging from 1360 litres to 21000 litres, there is a cone tank suitable for all industrial applications.  To discuss your specific requirements and to find out more about Enduramaxx conical tanks, please get in touch.

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