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Procorp Introduces Cost-Effective, Zero-Waste Wastewater Treatment System


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MILWAUKEE, WI – Procorp Enterprises LLC introduces the Targeted Phosphorous Extraction Pellet Reactor System for wastewater treatment. This sustainable system quickly and safely extracts high purity calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate or Struvite pellets directly into a recycle bin to minimize sludge disposal and related costs, eliminate phosphorous loading and run off issues, and reduce chemical usage and cost. It also removes ammonia and phosphorous in one step, while crystallizing the phosphorous into concentrated, self-dewatering reusable pellets.

“The Procorp Pellet Reactor System breaks the nasty phosphorous-eutrophication cycle once and for all, essentially eliminating non-point discharge,” says Eric Fessler, Procorp Chief Operating Officer. “The system extracts phosphorous as pure, solid pellets that are significantly more ‘green’, convenient and cost-effective to manage compared with biosolids,” he says.

Conventional phosphorous removal systems convert phosphorous into biosolids, or sludge, with every gallon of chemical used in the process generating about 9 gallons of sludge. These processes have high costs associated with chemicals and waste hauling. Of even greater concern, they generate increased non-point discharge through land spreading, which accounts for more than 90% of eutrophication.

The Procorp Pellet Reactor System is a highly automated, modular and skid mounted solution that offers plug-and-play commissioning and operation. The system minimizes operator attention and eliminates biological variability, and can be installed in new or existing wastewater treatment facilities.

The heart of the Procorp system is the pellet reactor. Water is pumped in an upward direction, maintaining the seed material in a fluidized state. Crystal pellets form around the seed material, and the pellets grow and move toward the reactor bottom. Periodically the pellets are discharged from the reactor and fresh seed material is added without any downtime, parallel capital equipment or labor. Simple atmospheric drying produces pure, safe-to-handle and virtually water-free pellets that are reusable as ceramic filler for cement, agricultural feed or fertilizer feedstock.

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