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Procorp’s new pellet reactor system delivers cost effective, zero discharge and chloride free water treatment


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Procorp Enterprises LLC introduces a targeted mineral extraction pellet reactor system for industrial and municipal water treatment facilities. This modular, turn-key solution provides simple, sustainable water treatment by safely and quickly extracting high purity minerals into a recycle bin before they become a plumbing problem.

“Pellet extraction is simply the most sustainable technology for water treatment, and the most cost-effective overall,” says Eric Fessler, Chief Operating Officer. “The Procorp pellet reactor is a simple, efficient and reliable water treatment system designed around field-proven pellet reactor technology that delivers affordable, zero discharge operation for today’s water treatment facilities. The automated technology and robust, reliable design minimizes the amount of necessary operator attention and maintenance, while a small system footprint saves valuable space,” he says.

Pellet extraction provides real savings when used as a stand alone system, or in conjunction with ion exchange or reverse osmosis operations. Used independently, the Procorp pellet reactor system crystallizes calcium and magnesium salts into concentrated, self-dewatering, reusable pellets, and significantly lowers Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS). It also removes carbonates and sulfates, eliminates brine regeneration and wasted water, and prevents salinity and chloride issues common to other softening technologies.

When coupled with an ion exchange system, Procorp’s pellet reactor system extracts calcium hardness and reduces salt usage, wastewater and chloride discharge by up to 80%, while reducing overall costs. The system also improves bed life of ion exchange resin.

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems can have their efficiency limited by calcium, silicates and carbonate concentrations. Procorp’s pellet reactor system removes the hardness before the RO process, improving efficiencies to >90% permeate and <10% waste concentrate, in both instances this represents an improvement of up to 15% when compared with stand-alone RO systems. The pellet reactor system also removes calcium hardness and silicates from RO brine allowing the brine to be recycled.

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