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Public Sector Magazine Award 2014 Sewage Treatment Outright Winner


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August BioPro Ireland have been awarded outright winners for 2014 for sewage treatment. We are delighted with the honour and are conscious that this is due to the quality of the product, our commitment to customer service, and the ability to supply the right solution to ensure the end user gets a quality septic tank alternative for wastewater treatment. Here is the magazine excerpt; As the world turns to environmentally friendly technologies, August BioPro has the ability to clean wastewater to the highest standard without chemicals, tertiery treatment or secondary processes outside of their own reactors. Managing Director Terry Hutt explains “August Biopro can supply a solution to the public sector that will treat sewage to a level suitable for discharge to surface waters. This technology helps councils and local authorities with sites that do not have suitable land for ground water discharge.”

In September of 2012 a symposium was held sponsored by the EPA at Trinity College Dublin for domestic water treatment and disposal systems. Dr Donata Dubber gave a presentation on the suitability of packaged wastewater treatment systems for direct surface water discharge in rural Ireland. She recommended further developments in key areas that are delivered by August Biopro equipment; total nitrogen removal technologies to meet discharge limits for sensitive areas and total phosphorous removal.

The EPA stated that they are hesitant to grant a discharge licence to a residential home or group of homes, stating that phosphorous removal via chemical precipitation is too hard to maintain and monitor as a personal residence and total nitrogen levels can be too high for most discharge points. They were also hesitant with regard to the ongoing maintenance. “With this in mind our new line of biological waste water treatment units will treat the waste water without any chemical dosing, tertiery treatment or filters and are maintained with a minimum of service, and are available with 24/7 monitoring to ensure compliance at all times” explains Hutt. “All these levels are achieved without any harmful chemicals or secondary treatment or filtering. We can treat waste water to a level that supercedes most municipal systems that are discharging millions of litres of effluent a day into the same surface waters to which we are trying to protect.”

August Biopro sewage treatment products are under the asupices of the public sector on a regular basis. Whether it is the EPA or local authorities, the company engage with the client to ensure they understand the innovative methods of sewage treatment and the difference they make to the environment in an industry where we are being fined daily for our inability to conform to the European directives for sewage treatment. As their patented process of VFL (vertical flow labyrinth) technology can be applied to populations of 4 to 40,000 people“we need to let both the EPA and the local authorities understand we can clean waste water to the highest standards in Europe suitable for discharge to surface waters, eliminating the need for percolation areas in some cases” says Hutt.

Asked how he feels about winning the Public Sector magazine award Hutt says “We are surprised and delighted to be not just nominated but the overall winners for sewage treatment. This award gives us the clarity that we are doing something right and the balance of excellence in our innovative product line, quality assurance and attention to customer satisfaction is making a difference in our industry.” He concludes, “we have and will continue to turn this industry on its back. It is all very fine to build a sewage treatment plant but if it costs 15% of the capital cost to maintain annually, what kind of investment is that? Our plants work on a minimalist approach where energy consumption is lowered and the overall design means less moving parts to break down.”

Looking to the future the company will take their line of sewage treatment global and work on projects like helping third world countries make the most of the little potable water they have. With a tagline of ‘“Solutions for humans and nature” August BioPro are set for a bright and sustainable future.

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