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Pulsar Instruments – interactive brochure for noise measurement products launched


Source: Pulsar Instruments Plc

Pulsar has developed a new online interactive brochure to showcase its world class sound level meters and noise dosimeters designed to meet occupational noise control standards.

As well as educating and offering advice to help safety professionals protect their employees from noise-induced hearing loss, the brochure includes benefits and applications most suitable for each meter - all written in a clear and concise way and beautifully presented.

The brochure was originally designed as a PDF and made into a flipbook for a more contemporary experience and to give the user the impression of turning the pages of a book.

Users can click on selected key industry words including social media platforms and travel to and from the brochure and the company website for additional information.

Commenting on the new online brochure, Sarah Brack, Managing Director, said: “We were able to work with local designer to improve how our users and potential customers interact with our brand online.  We are showing that our forward vision is not restricted to the products we engineer and manufacture, but also helps to position us as innovators in the field of marketing.

The brochure can be perused on Pulsar Instruments’ company website http://www.pulsarinstruments.com/product-information/product-brochure/noise-measurement-product-brochure.html#.Um-66xASbiU

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