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Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2 – twin channel, versatile interface measurement


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Remote measurement with Sludge Finder 2 means you can put an end to tedious, time consuming, potentially unhygienic and hazardous manual measurements using gap switches or vacuum tubes.

Sludge Finder 2 is a major update to Pulsar’s successful Sludge Finder, designed to reliably measure interface levels in primary, secondary or tertiary sludge tanks and SBR systems. A twin channel device, Sludge Finder 2 can be assigned to two settlement tanks, or one of the channels can be used with a Pulsar dB transducer for ‘through air’ applications such as level measurement.

In interface detection mode Sludge Finder 2 operates ultrasonically through liquid, using sophisticated and well proven echo processing algorithms to identify the sludge level. Sludge Finder 2’s transducer is immersed in the liquid, emitting a high frequency (680 kHz) ultrasonic pulse down towards the sludge interface. The pulse reflects from the interface of the denser material back to the transducer face. This echo is analysed by the controller unit providing a depth reading and an analogue output proportional to the height of the interface above the vessel bottom.

Sludge Finder 2 is designed to be maintenance free. The Viper transducer is a self-cleaning underwater acoustic sensor that results in continuous, reliable sludge level measurement that reduces the need for sludge pumping, optimises dosing and frees staff for other tasks.

Sludge Finder 2 is simple to install and program, and will operate with one or two transducers: you can mix and match Sludge Transducers and Pulsar’s main dB transducer range to give astonishing versatility. Manage two clarifiers/thickeners, or one clarifier plus a level application from a single unit, providing flexible, economical control and a single connection point for system interface.

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