Pump with remote control: added convenience for the gamma/ X


Source: ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

You already know the new gamma/ X is extremely smart, economical, reliable and user-friendly. But we've modified that last feature, because with remote control by app it's now even more user-friendly than ever before.

Less work, less time required
Now you can operate the pump from a smartphone or tablet without having to stand right next to it. This extra functionality saves work and time and therefore operating costs, especially for pumps installed in hard-to-reach places. We feel sure that this added convenience will quickly prove very popular with our customers. Remote control is made possible by the Bluetooth module, available as an optional feature with our new solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X. Bluetooth is a wireless data transmission technology with a range of 1 to 100 metres depending on power and environment.

View, change, read out
Our specially developed app comes with a range of useful features: you can view, select and change parameters and options relating to pump operation, configure device data such as the pump name and access diagnosis data in the event of a malfunction. And if a pump needs to be replaced, you can simply read out the parameters of the old pump and import them into the new one. It doesn't get any more convenient than that!

Convenience and safety – and it's free
But convenience isn't everything: the app is also designed to ensure safety and reliability. When you establish a Bluetooth connection to a pump, this is signalled by blue LEDs on the selected pump. For security reasons you can only access the pump parameters after entering the four-digit PIN. The Android app for remote control of the gamma/ X via the optional Bluetooth module is available in the Google Play Store by searching for 'ProMinent gamma/ X'. It runs on Android smartphones and tablets with Android version 4.4 or higher (as at start of 2016). And of course, it's completely free.

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