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PureSense Demonstrates Ability to Help Growers Reduce Groundwater Contamination by Using Soil Moisture Monitoring Technology to Mitigate Leaching


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FRESNO, Calif., April 3, 2012 /PR Newswire/ -- Following the publishing of a recent UC Davis groundwater contamination study, PureSense Environmental Inc. announces its ability to help growers prevent nitrate leaching into groundwater through its soil moisture monitoring technology, giving growers the tools to significantly reduce contamination.

The UC Davis study examined the Tulare Lake and Salinas basins and showed nitrate contamination is accumulating in the groundwater, with up to 1 in 10 residents in these areas exposed to potential contamination of their drinking water supplies. The study pointed to agricultural operations as the primary source of 90% of the contamination.

Many growers already began addressing the nitrate issue well before the UC Davis study was published. Danny Pereira, General Manager at Rio Farms, said they have always been aware of the nitrate concern and use various technologies, including PureSense, to ensure efficiency. Pereira installed PureSense to gather soil moisture information down to the sixteen-inch level of his celery crop. This ensures him that he is not pushing fertilizer past the effective root zone.

'We are cognitive of the issue and use tools such as PureSense that give us baseline data that we can use to make efficient irrigation and fertigation decisions,' said Pereira.

He stated that not only is it top-of-mind because of their desire to practice sustainability, but also to be an efficient and profitable business.

'Water and fertilizer are expensive, so from a pure business perspective we don't want to overapply,' Pereira said.

The study noted nitrate contamination is a common problem among the world's agricultural regions. By 2050, food and fiber production must nearly double to feed the world. PureSense has the proven ability to help growers increase their production, while more efficiently utilizing inputs such as fertilizer and water.


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PureSense (www.PureSense.com) is the premier real-time irrigation intelligence company providing remote monitoring, control and decision support tools to the agricultural industry. Since 2006, PureSense has provided useful, innovative technology and unparalleled service and support to over 300 growers who grow over 50 crop types across 10 states. PureSense has also recently expanded operations into Mexico and partnered with top-notch resellers like Irrigation-Mart and Laserman Inc., to expand their business. PureSense delivers upon its customer promise by empowering growers to make better irrigation decisions that enhance crop yield, crop health and cost reduction. In addition, PureSense soil moisture and water pump monitoring enable growers to leap forward in efforts to achieve resource sustainability goals.

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