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Quantum Compliance System, Inc. announces collaborative partnership with WIH Resource Group


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Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc. (Quantum) announces a collaborative partnership with WIH Resource Group (WIH). This partnership combines Quantum’s 25 years of experience in data management and software solutions, with WIH’s expertise in consulting services for solid waste, recycling, and transportation for local government agencies, municipalities, and private businesses. The combination offers our clients services from waste generation to disposal.

Quantum offers a Waste Management/Tracking feature that is part of their enterprise-wide Environmental Health & Safety software solution called FacTS . The Waste Management/ Tracking feature offers comprehensive cradle-to-grave waste monitoring capabilities. It tracks all types of waste such as hazardous, universal, and PCB to paper, trash, and cafeteria waste. It allows customers to track the type and quantity of waste by container, along with their location expiration dates. It generates the Federal Uniform Manifest and Continuation Sheets for hazardous waste, and Bills of Lading for non-hazardous waste. Standard and ad hoc reports allow customers to track total quantities, costs, and metrics, and generate the Biennial report.

Patricia Brooks, president of Quantum, said, “This partnership offers our clients WIH’s knowledge of industry best practices for waste management, and how to optimize efficiencies and enhance business processes as part of their FacTS implementation.”

“Quantum’s software fills a need our customers have to manage their waste data,” says Bob Wallace, Principal & VP of Client Solutions at WHI, “in conjunction with the consulting, technical, and development services we offer to successfully complete their integrated solid waste and recycling projects.”

FacTS is a trademark of Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.

WIH Resource Group (www.wihrg.com) is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has clients in both the public and private sector throughout North America. WIH and its affiliates specialize in financial and operational analysis of integrated solid waste management programs.

Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc. (www.qcs-facts.com) is a software and services company founded in 1986 by a team of engineering and computer science professionals. Over the years Quantum has delivered Environmental Health & Safety Information Management Systems to a variety of vertical markets worldwide.

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