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Quantum Compliance System`s REACH Support Plans


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Quantum has been researching the new European Commission’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) legislation and how Fac TSä can support this initiative. Under REACH, companies that manufacture or import more than one ton of a chemical substance per year will be required to register it in a central database. There are additional requirements for higher quantities of a chemical substance. New and existing substances are included, but existing substances will be phased in over 11 years with priority given to the most hazardous chemicals first. The end results will be a freely accessible database of chemicals with more safety information than is presently available.

Immediate Support

FacTS customers with the List of List and Chemical Tracking, or Form R modules, already have tools to identify products over one ton. With Form R, they can narrow the quantity down to locations within the European Union.

Future Support

Quantum will develop a REACH module that will have a toolkit for completing the technical and chemical safety dossiers required to register the substances based on quantity used/import, once more specifics on the dossiers are made available. This module will also contain tools to enter and query on restrictions for product uses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information about the new REACH features. Thank you for your business and confidence in Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.

Terry Collins
COO, Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.

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