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Precise TOC measurement at the WWTP's effluent - Ideal for drinking water monitoring - Brand new product for Water Analytics, for chemical engineering and water treatment.

With the 21st product in 20 years LAR sets new benchmarks with its latest product design  QuickTOC®effluent by combining accuracy of measurement with low maintenance efforts.

For this development the main focus was directed towards easy operation and low running costs.

The patented LAR high temperature method is now elaborated especially for the requirements for TOC measurement at the effluents of industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.

The catalyst free reaction principle was naturally realised here too. As result the complete decomposition of all organic components is ensured.

The  QuickTOC®effluent offers with 1,200°C the highest combustion temperature of all available online analysers in the market.

The  QuickTOC®effluent is suitable for almost every TOC measurement at effluents of industrial and municipal WWTP and among others especially for drinking water control. Typical applications are also combined TOC and TNb measurements in one single unit. This reduces the maintenance efforts compared to the use of multiple analysers drastically.

The analysis part of the analyser is a closed system and contains besides the approved and extremely reliable LAR digestion unit the low maintenance and easy to use injection system as well as a robust infrared detector with industrial PC (incl. special analysis and control software). These features allow the  QuickTOC®effluent to perform measurements in low mg/l (ppm) ranges.

The new measuring device of LAR stands out with a very low amount of maintenance, as little as 0.5 h per week. This cuts the TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) considerablly.

As an option the  QuickTOC®effluent purifies ambient air to pure carrier gas. As a big advantage no bottled gas needs to be stored.

The  QuickTOC®effluent is besides the standard cabinet IP 54 cabinet also available in special cabinets with safety classes NEMA4X (IP 65) and ATEX zone 1 und zone 2.

The summarisation of all features makes the  QuickTOC®effluent a dependable instrument for the effluent monitoring at municipal and industrial treatment plants and particularly for drinking water monitoring.

Besides the launch of the new  QuickTOC®effluent you will find of course all other well-proven analysers and sample preparation systems of LAR Process Analysers AG at the exhibitions Wasser Berlin and ACHEMA 2006. They all guarantee the accurate measurement of sum parameters in waste water, process water, boiler feed water, ultra pure and drinking water etc. These are for: TOC ( QuickTOC®,  QuickTOC®loop,  QuickTOC®uv), TNb ( QuickTONb®), COD ( QuickCOD®, Elox100), BOD ( BioMonitor®), toxicity (NitritoxMonitor®) and other products, e. g.  FlowSampler and  Sludge-Recycling.

Celebrate with us 20 years LAR – The 21st product!

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