Quite smart - The new UNTHA shredder XR3000R


Source: UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh

Kuchl -- 'Smart and reliable solutions tend to be the most cost-saving ones over the long run ...' Robust and efficient, simple and safe to operate, low maintenance and energy efficient. The focus is on the new UNTHA shredder XR3000R – tested and accepted by .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG.

Before a new product is launched on the market, it is very thoroughly checked. And what better way to test the performance of a prototype than under real life conditions. Because they had such a positive experience with the 'old' UNTHA shredder series XR2000, the responsible parties at .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG agreed to integrate the new XR3000R shredder into their operations. The machine was tested between June 2013 and May 2014 and has now been integrated into the existing system in Himberg.

The .A.S.A. waste management is focused on individual customer needs and offers waste disposal concepts for municipalities, industry, trade and commercial enterprises and private customers. Any type of waste is disposed of – from small volumes to large orders, from hazardous materials to near-household packaging. The business is hard and very demanding. The deployed machines must withstand (extremely) heavy work loads. – And this, naturally, also applies to the UNTHA pre-shredder XR3000R.

Application Profile

Shredding of:

  1. loose household waste
  2. loose commercial waste
  3. loose bulky household waste

for subsequent material separation on a waste screen


  1. 300 kg/m³
  2. 200 kg/m³
  3. 150 kg/m³

Inadmissible infeed material: explosives, radioactive and sticky substances

Feeding: through an integrated wheel loader

Output material through-put performance:

  1. 30 t/h
  2. 20 t/h
  3. 15 t/h

Output size: 90% < 200mm

Discharge: continuous through an integrated conveyor belt


Engineer Johann Handler, site manager .A.S.A. Wiener Neustadt, reports about the new UNTHA machine's advantages: 'The rotor length of 3000 mm has proven to be optimal especially when bulky waste material such as mattresses is being fed into the system. The variability with regard to output grain size definitely speaks for the new XR3000R. The shredder is energy efficient (less than 4.0 kWh per metric ton) and requires little maintenance (short knife change times, hydraulic maintenance is no longer required). Compared to previous models, the XR3000R is considerably more resistant to extraneous materials and much quieter. The robust design – particularly regarding the thickness of the cutting chamber wall – and an increased cutting power significantly contribute to the machine's reliability. And over the long run, reliable solutions tend to be the most cost effective solutions for our company.'

As a technical highlight, Johann Handler emphasizes the quiet, energy efficient and low maintenance 'Eco Drive' drive system and the user friendly ergonomic position when changing knives.

When asked which feature he particularly likes about UNTHA, the waste disposal expert responds: 'The XR3000R's product quality and ... – in terms of product development and service – Christian Lanner's speedy responses and passion for innovation as UNTHA's Head of Product Management. To which Christian Lanner responds very confidently: 'The XR3000R is the dawn of a new era in the field of efficient and modern waste shredding. There is no smarter way to shred waste!'

UNTHA has created a new technological benchmark with its new XR generation and thus sets new standards in the recycling of household, commercial and bulky waste. Minimal operating costs at maximum performance: the new waste shredder is a true innovation that stands out mainly thanks to its clever technology. The new XR model range is the logical and progressive next step in the development of a very successful and established brand and also offers a large number of new features. The new, robust drive concept 'UNTHA Eco Drive' ensures up to 50 % less energy consumption compared to other commonly available electro-hydraulic drive options. Furthermore, the water-cooled drive motors require no fresh air supply and are thus absolutely safe in the event of thermal outages. The utilisation of cutting-edge synchronous motors achieves a maximum level of efficiency, which makes the UNTHA Eco Drive one of the most energy efficient drive systems in the market. Furthermore, the compact design of the XR model range makes installation in existing systems easier. Furthermore, the low charging height ensures a smooth feeding of material into the shredder with a wheel loader.

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