RAE Systems New RAEPoint Fixed Head Wireless Relay Delivers Increased Worker Safety in Industrial Hazardous Environments


Source: RAE Systems, Inc.

Wireless Remote Alarm Notification System Provides Safety Managers With a Rapidly Deployable, Cost-Effective Solution

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK -- (Marketwire) -- 09/05/12 -- Workers at large industrial facilities and oil and gas exploration sites face the constant threat of exposure to sour and flammable gases at potentially toxic levels. Remote alarm notifications are critical for alerting them to these potential safety hazards, especially where local device alarms are simply not visible or loud enough to cover a wide area.

To address this issue, RAE Systems Inc., a leader in delivering innovative gas sensors and radiation detector solutions, today announced its new RAEPoint Fixed Head Wireless Relay, an explosion proof wireless device that both extends the range and enables remote relay functionality across a wireless mesh network.

RAEPoint communicates with wireless detectors and controllers and can use any of its five internal relays to trigger audible and visual alarms. The RAEPoint relay triggers external alarms and lights to provide additional alert notification in noisy environments. Hazardous environment alarms can now be displayed not only at gas monitors and the host controller but also at remote locations via wireless relay switches.

By providing wireless connectivity for remote alarm notification devices, RAEPoint users can save significant time and expense that is required when running signal cabling in hazardous environments. In addition, wireless connectivity increases the speed of system deployment and increases worker safety by removing trip hazards associated with excess cables.

'RAEPoint elevates the safety levels of workers in hazardous environments by wirelessly extending the range of alarm notifications and delivers this critical user benefit at a lower cost,' said Chris Toney, RAE Systems Chief Operating Officer. 'RAE Systems is continuously striving to extend its leadership in enhancing worker safety through its R&D efforts focused on the development of innovative technologies.'

The remote relay functions as a wireless router, extending the range of the wireless mesh network up to 300m point-to-point, and provides redundancy by adding an additional routing node. The RAEPoint is certified for ATEX Zone 1 hazardous locations, and is compatible with all RAE Systems MeshGuard wireless gas detectors and Mesh Routers. The RAEPoint is offered as a standalone unit, or as part of an integrated wireless alarm bar solution, mounted and pre-wired with two 5J xenon lights and an 110db horn. Each RAEPoint can be configured as a router, remote or host on a wireless mesh network.

The RAEPoint relay settings can be fully configured wirelessly via the system controller. RAEPoint can also be configured as a wireless host and communicate directly with detectors. This provides a localized alarm notification solution that does not require a controller.

RAEPoint will be initially introduced in Europe and other regions that adhere to ATEX and IECEX safety standards for hazardous areas. The product will be available through RAE Systems distribution partners in a variety of configurations and as a standalone wireless unit.

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