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RainWise Announces New Line of Modbus Platform Commercial Meteorological Stations


Source: RainWise Inc.

RainWise Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new MB series of fully assembled, compact wired weather stations offering an economical option for many Industrial applications. Equipped with the Modbus RTU interface, the RainWise MB line easily integrates with building automation, large agricultural operations, and industrial control systems. Based on the popular RainWise MK-III wireless sensor assembly, parameters include: wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, and rainfall. Leaf wetness and solar radiation are available in the agricultural model.

For industrial and building automation applications either the RainWise MK-III-RTIMB station or MK-III-MB-US station (with Ultra Sonic, maintenance-free wind technology) offer the desirable selection of sensors. The RainWise AgroMET-MB station is a perfect fit for bigger scale growing and irrigation management solutions that require data based on soil moisture, rainfall & relative humidity. For applications where power is not available, the MK-III-RTI-MBS and the AgroMET-MBS stations offer a PV/Battery powered alternative.

“Our newly expanded line of MK-III models reinforces our commitment to produce reliable, accurate and robust equipment at an affordable price, while meeting the specific needs of the commercial community with Modbus communication protocol.”

The RainWise MB line enables easy connectivity of our premier weather stations to any system supporting the industry standard Modbus protocol. Seamlessly communicating with either a remote programmable controller or integrated control system, the RainWise MB line of stations provide crucial environmental data needed to monitor and carry out actions based on meteorological conditions such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and many other weather based variables. Optional NIST certification of sensors is also available.

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