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RainWise to Develop State-of-the-Art Online Weather Portal for Maine Firefighters


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RainWise Inc. has been awarded a contract with the State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry for an online National Fire Danger Rating Weather Station Network System to be funded through federal grants from the USDA Forest Service. This state of the art technology will provide Firefighters on the ground with up-to-the-minute local weather conditions for enhanced critical decision-making ability.

RainWise has been supplying the Maine Forest Service and state Rangers with weather monitoring software for over 20 years and this relationship has fostered a deep understanding of the goals and challenges facing the agency. RainWise is now developing a state-of-the-art web-based Fire Danger Portal that will offer a complete summary of current conditions at a glance, as well as fire weather predictions. The page will be formatted for viewing either on a web-connected desktop computer or via mobile devices. This innovative technology will offer a unique opportunity for the Maine Forest Service to step ahead of other states in the nation by leveraging a fully integrated hardware/cloud-based software platform.

“Our old system is failing and we use decades old methodology,” says Bill Hamilton, Chief Forest Ranger and Director of Forest Protection. “RainWise will provide the software, equipment and logistical support to upgrade our current system. With this upgrade the Maine Forest Service will have a new system that is really ground breaking technology.”

The Fire Danger Portal’s systems will pull data from the RainWise MK-III weather stations located around the state as well as from other weather stations operated by the National Weather Service. This will allow real-time weather conditions to be accessed instantly on desktop computers or onsite mobile device apps, providing Firefighters with critical up-to-the-minute decision-making information. RainWise will provide comprehensive ongoing support for all aspects of this project, including technical support and maintenance.

A pioneer in weather data systems, RainWise celebrates 40 years in manufacturing on June 24, 2014. Among the many industry landmarks developed by RainWise are the first tipping-bucket rain gauge, the first digital weather station and the first wireless weather station. With thousands of products sold over four decades, RainWise has earned a reputation as an innovative leader in weather monitoring systems. Today RainWise is again a front-runner in the weather industry to collect and move data through cloud-based computing services, advancing the speed and ease of information access for essential decision-making.

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