Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)

Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)

RDD 2012 Arizona – Respiratory Drug Delivery


Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech) exhibits new instruments at RDD 2012 conference in Phoenix, AZ displaying a range of NEW cascade impactors, flow controllers and related accessories. Westech continues to participate and to introduce new products significant to inhalation drug research and the device testing industries.

  • Westech 7-Stage Cascade Impactor with Micro-Orifice Collector (USP Apparatus 5 & 6 / EP Apparatus E)
  • Witham Low-Flow Cascade Impactor (300 ml/min. ranges) suited for pediatric or chamber studies
  • AutoCoater for ACI collection plate coating in common DPI testing
  • Leak Test system – Simple vacuum and timer system
  • Waste Shot Collection – Automated start LED, NO vacuum pump required and disposable HEPA filter
  • Critical Flow Controllers -DPI Testing with the latest technology, automated leak checks, networkable and data collection by Novi Systems
  • Critical Flow Controller -MDI Testing without a Vacuum Pump and includes functions similar to the DPI controller by Novi •Expanded Mensuration Services by NEW Mitutoyo QV404′s – Automation Vision Inspection Systems

Westech introduces these and other new automation products from Novi Systems Ltd. and Witham Consulting. All new and exciting products to save time, save money, increase productivity, reduce variability and fatigue.

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