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RDS’s Mass Effect Solutions™ for topical Decontamination.


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RDS’s Mass Effect Solutions™ for topical Decontamination.

Users: First responders kits, Emergency RadDecon Kit. Ok for use on human skin.
• Nuclear power plants, weapon manufacturers Nuclear labs
• Hospitals  for decontamination of rooms used in radioactive medicine:
• Government as a stockpile for decontamination due to dirty bombs.

•  This mass effect ion solution works better than any other product on the market and is protected by patents.
•  It can be used to wash human skin of radioactivity.

• Our only competition are the manufacturers of Soap.
•  RadDecon™ is patented and is recommended for use by the US Government.
•  RadDecon™ is the only product that can safely be used on Human skin

Potential Customer Base:
• We recommend stockpiling 3000 gallons of concentrate for each major city . 3000 gallons of concentrate will produce 45,000 gallons of solution
• The price per gallon of concentrate is $2250 US
• The owners of  RadDecon™ will entertain offers to license their product for manufacture in India  

With the proliferation of Nuclear Terrorism  governments and industry must focus on planning for catastrophe.

Featured Products:

1. Emergency Rad Decon kit
NAICS: 62423
A Revolutionary Scientific Product for Radiation Decontamination. Now, scientifically-formulated products used by nuclear power plants and nuclear waste facilities are available to first responders and the general public. For the first time, using one easy Emergency RadDecon Kit', you can safely, quickly, and significantly remove radioactive material from yourself and from other surfaces. Decontaminate yourself, your family, and your important possessions in the event of a radiation emergency

2. Decontamination Washes
NAICS: 3391
• Formulated for halogens, transition metals, and actinides
• Color coded for ease of selection
• Tests have yielded DF's up to 500
• Contains no chlorine or fluorine
• Environmentally freindly
• Reduces dose
• Ion specific resins available
• Safe for resin beds
• Spray or foam application
• High efficiency; Cost effective

3. Hospital/Emergency applications
NAICS: 3391
• Decon Human Skin
• Emergency Rooms
• Operating Tables
• Gurneys
• Tables Trays, ect
• Structural Elements
• Decon Human Skin
• All Emergency Vehicles
• Ambulances
• Fire Trucks
• Police Cars

4. Nuclear power plant applications
NAICS: 325613
• Contaminated surfaces (walls, ceilings, and floors) currently being decontaminated using high pressure washing, CO2 blasting, scabbing, paint peeling, or other process.
• Glove Boxes
• Contaminated Water
• Piping
• Reactor cavities

5. Human Decontamination
NAICS: 56291
Removes contamination from skin - NO SCRUBBING - No skin abrasion - Fast throughput. A bank of up to six (6) showers is employed (based on exposure)
• 1st shower - Mass Effect Solution for Halogens
• 2nd shower - Water rinse
• 3rd shower - Mass Effect Solution for Transition Metals
• 4th shower - Water rinse
• 5th shower - Mass Effect Solution for Actinides
• 6th shower - Water rinse
Effluent passed through ion exchange resin to remove radioactivity thereby permitting effluent to be stored in small containers and reused

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