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ReactIR 45P HL ATEX approved for global hazardous use


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Greifensee, Switzerland. -- To best serve customers operating in general purpose (GP) hazardous environments worldwide, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that the ReactIR 45P HL is now approved for use in both C1D1 and ATEX locations. Compliant with safety standards worldwide, customers need only one model to gain ReactIR 45P’s safety- and compliance-enhancing abilities in sensitive chemical process scale-up.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of the HL version of its popular flow chemistry tool ReactIRTM 45P, allowing its use in hazardous environments worldwide. Like other ReactIR 45P models, ReactIR 45P HL allows reaction scale-up to be studied under actual process conditions by eliminating many inherent process transfer difficulties. Now, ReactIR 45P HL carries all required safety certification allowing its use globally. One unit allows manufacturers working in nearly any hazardous environment around the world to maintain critical factors such as yield, product purity, operator safety and compliance during scale-up of sensitive chemical processes.

All ReactIR 45P models use preferred in situ monitoring to study the formation and consumption of starting materials, intermediates and other species in reaction. Due to ReactIR 45P’s size and unique instrumentation, the same machine can be used as the process is scaled, eliminating many difficulties that arise when transferring calibration data between analyzers. This provides time-savings while also giving chemists a unique understanding of the process being scaled, resulting in fewer surprises and easier lab-to-plant process transfer.

ReactIR 45P HL carries all safety certifications and labels required for global compliance with safety standards. It is CE compliant to the Electromagnetic Capability (EMC) Directive and Low Voltage Directory (LVD), and meets NFPA 496 and Directive 94/9/EC requirements, allowing its use in both Class 1, Division 1 and Ex hazardous locations. The ReactIR 45P GP model is CE, EMC and LVD compliant as well.

ReactIR 45P — one-quarter the size of the METTLER TOLEDO MonArc it replaced — successfully monitors hundreds of reaction classes, including hydrogenations, Grignard reactions, lithiations, halogenations and acid-chloride reactions. The unit’s standard iC software package effortlessly turns reaction data into actionable chemical information. Detailed audit and event logs enhance ongoing compliance. ReactIR 45P’s robust feature combination lets manufacturers achieve reaction goals in less time, helping to ensure their ability to compete in today’s fast-paced global market.

An array of useful equipment options allows manufacturers to tailor each ReactIR 45P model to their specific needs. For more on ReactIR 45P HL features and certifications, or how ReactIR 45P HL can manage lab-to-plant scale-up with greater precision and efficiency for bottom-line savings in hazardous environments worldwide, visit


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