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Ready for GHS – TechniData CLEO provides the EU’s new GHS content


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On January 20, 2009, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) comes into force in the European Union (EC 1272/2008). In order to ensure the industry affected remains competitive, TechniData has expanded its content solution TechniData CLEO for SAP EH&S and will offer the necessary content when this directive comes into effect. As a complete package, TechniData CLEO covers regulatory data, phrase catalogs, expert rules and report templates for numerous international regulations. In view of the European version of GHS, additional classification rules have been developed and the EU classification list and phrases have also been incorporated. In order to support the transition period from old to new classifications, TechniData CLEO provides an integrated tool that companies can use to convert existing classifications to conform to GHS.

Conforming to regulations worldwide

The adjustments to the phrase catalog reflect the requirements of the European Union. These are significantly different to the procedures of other states and economic regions that have, to some extent, compiled their own classification lists and rules. Taking this diversity into account, TechniData CLEO also offers the content required for North America, Australia/New Zealand and the key Asian markets, for example. Companies with global operations will have access to a comprehensive GHS portfolio that TechniData is gradually expanding in line with the legislative process of UN members.

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TechniData AG is the leading provider of turn-key environment monitoring systems. TechniData has been developing EHS compliance solutions as well as environmental monitoring solutions for over 20 years. The TechniData Group incorporates TechniData AG (Markdorf), TechniData America (Delaware/USA), TechniData IT-Service GmbH (Markdorf), TechniData BCS (Siegen) and TechniData Labs Bulgaria (Sofia).

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