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Real-time monitoring improves UV disinfection performance


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Chemical-free UV disinfection expert atg Technology is using real-time monitoring of organic contaminants to improve the performance of disinfection.

Real Tech backboard systems used by atg Technology in applications for the drinking water industry.

The effectiveness of a UV disinfection system can be determined by the UV Transmittance (UVT) of the water. UVT indicates the amount of organic matter in a water sample and real-time measurements of this parameter can determine the correct UV level to use for dosing. Speed of response is an important factor – the sooner water quality issues are detected, the faster action can be taken to mitigate the problem.

The firm says UV is the most practical solution for water disinfection, and suggests this is established by its effectiveness and smooth operation. And it has selected the real-time monitoring technology of US firm Real Tech, which is capable of providing real-time UVT or UVA monitoring across measurement ranges relevant to everything from wastewater to high purity water.

The technology is said to deliver an innovative, affordable solution for real time organics monitoring, making it a practical choice for applications where other forms of organic monitoring would either be costly or complex.

For sampling in the field, the Real UVT Portable Meter is described as an easy-to-use and efficient tool utilising split-sense technology to give accurate field sample readings. The P200 model is “an ultra-compact, easy to operate device that generates a measurement of UV254 or UVT in seconds.” An optional battery pack allows for portable sampling.

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