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West London based Assured Security Shredding Ltd are the latest company to expand their existing shredding business into On-Site Shredding. By purchasing a Shred Tech MDS-25GTX Mobile Document Shredder from Global Recycling, they are now able to offer clients the reassurance of watching their confidential data being destroyed in front of their eyes.

The DAF LF55 mounted unit is capable of shredding up to 2,200 kgs per hour and with its unique patented bin lifter system and walking floor, it is the safest, easiest to use system on the market. The bin lifter, at the push of a button, takes the bin from the kerb and tips it into the shredder hopper. This means that not only does the operator never have to enter the shredder compartment, but also that double handling of bins is removed, ensuring that even at the end of a long day operator fatigue does not become a dangerous issue.

The walking floor discharge works quickly and safely even on uneven ground, removing the risks associated with traditional tipping bodies. Also because of the design the load is carried closer to the ground, lowering the centre of gravity and making the truck safer to drive on the road.

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