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Received USCG Certificate Approval for BioBarrier MarineMBR Series


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The BioBarrier® MarineMBR™ joins the MarineFAST® product line of Scienco/FAST to provide effective wastewater treatment systems for the Naval architects & Engineers, maritime owners & operators, chief engineers, and shipyard operation and maintenance crews.

SUNSET HILLS, MO – July 2020 – Scienco/FAST is proud to offer the newly certified BioBarrier® MarineMBR™ series of Type II Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to the marine marketplace.

With its long performance history of providing the affordable, adaptable, and proven FAST® Systems, Scienco/FAST offers a higher treatment option with membrane technology to remove 99.9% of the pollutants and contaminants found in sewage sources on the vessel.

There are three different types of MSDs that can be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to meet the requirements in 33 CFR Part 159, each having its own design, certification, and discharge criteria. Based on the testing and recommendations provided by U. S. Coast Guard, this shipbuilding certification supports the effective operation and consideration for approval of Type II Marine Sanitation Systems. The Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) is a flow through discharge device that produces effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria count not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not greater than 150 milligrams per liter. This type of device is typically a biological or aerobic digestion based system. These standards support the effective operation, maintenance, and health of shipboard marine sanitation devices (MSDs).

Certified by the USCG Acceptance to 33CFR159 Standards and to International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolution MEPC.227(64), the BioBarrier® MarineMBR™ HSMBR®, HS‐STP® & HS‐MSD® is capable of treating with freshwater or saltwater (input...


·      Ships of all types

·     Cruise & Ferries

·      Commercial tankers

·      Bulk carriers

·      Naval vessels

·      Tugboats

·      Oil rigs

·      Research/Supply vessels

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