Redesigned - AE50 Award-winning WatchDog® Weather Stations


Source: Spectrum Technologies, Inc

Plainfield, IL – The AE50 Award-winning Spectrum® WatchDog Weather Stations have been completely redesigned, bringing a host of improvements and new features to help growers and researchers make better decisions on crop inputs.

Expanded wireless communications includes economical options that allow for “drive-by” data downloading up to 1,000 ft away and real-time data monitoring up to 2 miles away.  Communication speed has been increased to 9600 baud and check digits on all data transmission records enhance communication reliability.  Open-text-based protocol makes customized communication possible, such as for irrigation controllers or Internet posting.

Downloading data will not erase it from the weather station, so multiple PC users can access the station without impacting a master data collection plan.  Select measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes.  With a 30 minute interval, 183 days of data is retained on the station.

Enhanced LCD Display – a WatchDog exclusive – allows viewing of current conditions, as well as degree day values and daily high/low readings for the past 30 days and confirms station and sensors are performing – without the use of a PC.  Select disease packages with Spec 8 Pro software and view disease severity indicators in the field.

Greater power efficiency extends battery life to 12 months – an increase of 50%!  Two additional external sensor ports have been added, making six available sensor ports on most models.  Alarms check all sensors of the chosen type, and both high and low limits can be set to warn if any sensor goes outside a defined band of normal values.

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