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Reduce green house emissions with catalytic oxidation


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There are five basic types of environmental VOC air pollution control technologies. These include straight through direct flame thermal oxidation, recuperative thermal oxidation, straight through catalytic oxidation, recuperative catalytic oxidation, and regenerative thermal oxidation.

What most companies are unaware of is that catalytic systems require half of the energy demand in comparison to thermal oxidation. Catalytic systems operate in the 550-700 Deg.F. inlet temperature range. The reaction on the catalyst surface is exothermic and releases heat which can then be recovered via a shell and tube or plate/fin type air to air heat exchanger.

Another fact is that catalytic systems produce far less green house gas emissions such as CO and NOx.
CO & NOx formation is directly related to the temperature which the main burner is firing at. Since catalytic systems operate at lower temperatures they produce far less of these two components.

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