Reducing Warm Up Time of NDIR Gas Sensors


Source: Axetris Ag

Leister Gruppe, Axetris, Infrarotstrahler --
MEMS-based electrically-efficient infrared sources from Axetris — In a number of gas detection applications, a short warm-up time of the gas sensor is critical. Especially for applications where discrete measurements need to be made, and where the gas sensor is not continuously switched on, a short warm-up time is absolutely essential. This is the case for portable gas detection devices, e.g. for combustible and toxic gas detection, refrigerant leak detection or breath alcohol measurement.

Gas sensors based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy can guarantee accurate gas concentration values only after a thermally stable state is achieved. The MEMS-based infrared sources from Axetris are produced using a unique thin-film process, and exhibit very high electrical efficiency. This leads to lower optical losses in the form of dissipated heat. Additionally, the emitting blackbody structure has a very low thermal mass, leading to a quick heating time constant of 11 milliseconds.

Besides the inherent advantages offered by the design of the infrared sources, Axetris supports its customers with comprehensive characterization information, as well as by suggesting efficient integration practices in order to achieve a quick warm-up phase. Thermal management thus becomes an 

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