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REGENESIS Announces New Technologies for Groundwater Remediation and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation


REGENESIS, a world leader in advanced technologies for contaminated site remediation, announces three new remediation-focused technologies: PetroCleanze™, Retro-Coat™ and Plume Stop™. Ben Mork, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development at REGENESIS, introduced the new technologies in Monterey, California at the recent Battelle-sponsored Eighth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds.PetroCleanze™ The first technology, PetroCleanze™, was introduced in late 2011 and is a new formulation of REGENESIS’ widely-used RegenOx® in situ chemical oxidation technology, specifically designed for use at sites with high concentrations of sorbed-phase hydrocarbons. Upon injection, PetroCleanze actively stimulates and accelerates the desorption of bound hydrocarbons, moving them from soil into the dissolved phase, where they can be physically extracted more efficiently and rapidly. The technology is particularly valuable where an existing treatment system has reduced contaminant concentrations but is unable to completely remove trapped hydrocarbon, Dr. Mork noted. “For example, by reducing the bound contaminant mass and increasing the dissolved-phase concentrations,” he said, “PetroCleanze can enable a costly pump-and-treat system to capture increased yields and justify its expense.” PetroCleanze is currently being used on a range of groundwater remediation project sites in the U.S. and International markets.Retro-Coat™ Secondly, Retro-Coat™ is a recently introduced vapor intrusion technology from REGENESIS’ Land Science Technologies Division, whose widely used Geo-Seal® composite vapor barrier system received the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) Remediation Technology Award in 2008. Retro-Coat is a new chemical-resistant coating specifically engineered for application directly onto concrete slabs of existing structures. Once applied, Retro-Coat effectively mitigates vapor intrusion from chlorinated solvents and/or petroleum hydrocarbons at brownfield sites. A white paper with detailed technical information will be available later this summer.Plume Stop™ Finally, Plume Stop™ is a research-stage technology that embodies a fundamentally new approach to the industry-wide problem of groundwater contaminant flux, i.e., the subsurface transport of contaminants, which increases plume size and heightens environmental risk. Once Injected into a contaminant plume, Plume Stop begins a series of chemical cross-linking processes, leading to the formation of a porous organic matrix with the ability to capture and immobilize water-borne contaminants without significantly impeding the flow of water. Over time, biological degradation processes ultimately reduce the contaminants to harmless end products.“With this technology we aim to offer many highly desirable features for groundwater remediation professionals and their clients,” Dr. Mork said. These include the ability to rapidly reduce groundwater contaminant concentrations, sequester contaminants in-place, reduce mass flux (including contaminant back-diffusion) and allow for risk-based closures. Dr. Mork also added, “Overall, the goal of this research is to effectively capture organic contaminants from groundwater and to do it with non-toxic ingredients, a fast reaction time, significant material longevity and minimal effects to groundwater flow rates.”Plume Stop is currently in the R&D stage, but Dr. Mork described the outlook for success as promising, with reductions in dissolved groundwater contaminant concentration reaching 50%-90% over relatively short time periods in early laboratory and in-field beta-testing.Visit for more details.San Clemente, CA-based REGENESIS has been a recognized leader in the environmental industry since 1994, developing and marketing proven, innovative environmental technologies that significantly reduce the cost, time and difficulty of restoring contaminated soil and groundwater. REGENESIS products have been used by leading, multi-national environmental consulting firms on more than 18,000 soil and groundwater cleanup projects worldwide and across the USA. REGENESIS’ Land Science Technologies Division, established in 2008, develops and markets advanced technologies for sustainable land development, with a focus on brownfield redevelopment intiatives. For more information visit REGENESIS online ( or contact Bryan W. Vigue, Vice President of Marketing (, 949-366-8000 ).

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