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Regulators OK plan to dismantle Hudson PCB cleanup plant


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FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (AP) -- Federal regulators have approved General Electric's plan to dismantle a Hudson River PCB cleanup plant used during six years of dredging, which concluded this fall.

The Environmental Protection Agency says Thursday its approval allows GE to begin dismantling the 110-acre sediment processing plant and restore the site as outlined in the plan. The demobilization plan will continue into 2016.

The Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees, a three-member group of government officials, had asked the EPA to delay dismantling the plant. The group says GE hasn't thoroughly addressed the PCB contamination. The EPA says a temporary facility could be used if more dredging is required.

The dredging covered a 40-mile stretch of the river north of Albany.

The village of Fort Edward is considering economic development options for the plant site.

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