Remote-controlled calibration without liquid standards


Source: LAR Process Analysers AG

Online TOC and automatic calibration at all times

The TOC analyser QuickTOCpharma reliably determines the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in the lowest measuring range up to 2000ppb. Following the requests, the FDA compliant software (CFR 21 Part 11) among other things facilitates data storage and an electronic signature. The software fully controls the analysis system. Moreover, it combines the high demands of pharmaceutical water measurements, in particular for HPW and WFI, in one analyser.

In addition to the liquid standard method, the analyser possesses an easy and remote controlled calibration and validation option that can be used at all times: the QuickCalibration. During that process, using a certified gas mixture of e.g. methane / nitrogen, the analyser is checked for accuracy. The sample loop is rinsed and filled with the testing gas. Subsequently, the loop content is injected into the reactor and evaluated.

The basis of this technology is the patented catalyst free LAR high temperature method at 1200°C. At this temperature, all the sample's organic components are fully oxidized. This method eliminates contaminations and long downtimes as they are encountered when using liquid standards.

The LAR analyser QuickTOCpharma reliably determines the smallest contaminations and thus enables the operator in the pharmaceutical industry to safely and easily control his production processes.

Figure: Online TOC analyser QuickTOCpharma, especially for pharmaceutical water

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