Unique integration of SmartScan25 and GaugerTX

Nov 6, 2013 Israel -- Remote River Monitoring with SmartScan25

SolidAT solution for Remote River Level Monitoring is now enhanced with the introduction of GaugerTX.

Until recently, GaugerGSM sensors were deployed, allowing measurements of river depth ranges up to 9.5 meters (31’). GaugerGSM are ultrasonic level sensors compactly integrated with GSM communications. GaugerGSM, together with GaugerNET, a web-based monitoring application, form a complete monitoring solution.

For larger river depth ranges up to 40 meters (130’), SmartScan25 can now be deployed together with GaugerTX.

SmartScan25 is a two-part ultrasonic level sensor supporting long range measurements.

GaugerTX is a GPRS/GSM modem linked to SmartScan25 and communicating with GaugerNET, the web-based monitoring application.  

With this enhancement, users can deploy GaugerGSM and SmartScan25 along the river and view river level data from all sites over the Internet.  

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