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Removal of traces of oil with Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner


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The Hako Citymaster 1200 is tailor-made to meet the high demands of professional street and footpath cleaning.

New: Removal of traces of oil and fuel
The working method employed to date for the removal of traces of oil has been to use the local fire brigade with oil binding agents and a great deal of expense in terms of personnel (according to the German LBKG Fire and Catastrophe Protection Law). In the Federal State of Rheinland Pfalz this procedure has now been changed: the police or local highways department now have the responsibility for cleaning and subsequent re-opening of the carriageway (according to FStrG, LStrG, LWG).  The state of Rheinland-Pfalz has recommended wet cleaning.

Hako Citymaster 1200 City Cleaner as an uncompromising wet cleaning machine. In conjunction with chemical or biological additives, traces of oil or fuel can be removed economically and effectively from roads, cycle tracks and footpaths, car parks, industrial areas, multi-storey car parks etc.

With the front mounted scrubbing deck and a working width of 1.30 m an emulsion can be worked into the dirt by means of three rotating brushes. The emulsion, including the dissolved harmful substances is vacuumed up directly behind the scrubbing deck and thus there is no further burden on or threat to the environment. At the same time, with the Citymaster 1200 City Cleaner it is possible to collect the residue of oil binding agents, sand or grit in the same operation. Afterwards the mixture, which has been collected, can be disposed of via the oil separator.

As a result of the brush technology, including the brush suspension, this process is a method of working, which protects surfaces, which is suitable for smooth as well as for uneven and damaged surfaces and which adapts to every situation.

Comprehensive tests have shown that the traffic area or carriageway, which has been cleaned, can be re-opened immediately after the Citymaster 1200 City Cleaner has been used, as friction has been restored to the surface again. Costly gritting and the high number of personnel associated with this gritting are not required, when cleaning with the Hako Citymaster 1200 City Cleaner. Certification is imminent.

Speedy cleaning without special precautions
The Citymaster 1200 City Cleaner can, as a result of its flexibility and the max. speed of 25 km/h, drive to the application independently. The emulsion, as well as the water, is transported in the vehicle; no other accompanying vehicles are necessary.

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